Sports Medicine

Our specialty-trained sports medicine doctors at Steindler Orthopedic Clinic are recognized experts in the diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries and conditions.

Due to their dynamic nature, sports injuries require specialized methods of treatment.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high school, college, or professional athlete and obtain an injury, you need to see a doctor with the highest level of training and experience in sports medicine. At Steindler Orthopedic Clinic, our sports medicine doctors take a team approach in helping you return to your favorite sports and activities.

Our sports medicine doctors are trained in the treatment and care of sports-related injuries and conditions, such as torn ligaments (ACL and MCL), torn cartilage (meniscus), joint instability, muscle weakness, sprains, and fractures. While not exclusive to sports injuries, PRP Treatment is also an option for treating injured joints, ligaments, and tendons.

If you are suffering from a sport-related pain or have a sports injury or condition, consult with a sports medicine doctor at the Steindler Orthopedic Clinic Sports Medicine Center by calling (319) 338-3606 for an appointment.

Why choose Steindler Orthopedic Clinic?

Steindler Orthopedic Clinic offers exceptional care and our sports medicine doctors, Dr. Cory Christiansen, Dr. Daniel Jones, Dr. John Langland, Dr. Mark Mysnyk, and Dr. Austin Ramme have the training, experience, and expertise to assess, diagnose, and treat your injury or condition individually to your needs.

To request an appointment online with a Steindler Orthopedic Clinic sports medicine doctor, please use the appointment request box or call (319) 338-3606.

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Appointment Resources

Once you have scheduled your appointment with one of our specialty-trained sports medicine doctors, please use the links below to obtain our new patient forms and browse through our tips and suggestions on preparing for your appointment.