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Average Rating: 4.95
“Dr. Dennison explained procedures every step of the way allowing me to make decisions of when to replace my knees. When was I committed to doing the recovery work? I am pain-free after eight months but continue to work out. He seemed to have new procedures that worked for me.”
– Jo M.
“Dr. Dennison was very nice and professional. I have had good results.”
– Patsy K.
“All appointments were prompt and informative. Dr. Dennison was very polite, professional and was thorough in his explanation of the knee replacement. My surgery went well and was a success.”
– Donald S.
“I met Dr. Dennison for knee issues. He thoroughly explained my condition and options to treat. Any question I had he seriously answered and the more questions I asked the more I felt confident he was the one to operate when I was ready. I appreciate his efficiency and skills along with the office staff to provide a smooth preparation and subsequent successful outcome. I love Mercy Hospital as a 1972 nursing grad and it gives me great pride that the standard of excellence continues there!”
– Sally K.
“I adore Dr. Dennison. He was so helpful and encouraging throughout the entire process. He has taken the time to answer all my questions and has never seemed to need/want to rush my appointments. He took the time to talk with a friend of mine about my surgery and to also help him understand the process. The entire staff has been helpful and friendly. All together as pleasant an experience can be under those circumstances!”
– Carol J.
“Dr. Dennison was very thorough! He answered all my questions about my surgery before and after. I would recommend Dr. Dennison to my friends and family. I am very pleased with my results!”
– Diane D.
“I enjoyed Dr. Dennison. He was very understanding and good at explaining the procedures. All of the staff at Steindler is great and I loved my nurses at Mercy.”
– Barbara G.
“Gave me suggestions what I could do for headaches & neck pain. Was very nice.”
– Pamela B.
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“Brent is a wonderful person! He is friendly, and personable. I have full confidence in him professionally, and feel his experience & expertise gives him the complete package!! I always speak highly of him, and the excellent care from everyone at Steindler. Thank you!!!”
– Jane W.
“He was very thorough and explained my options.”
– Rebecca B.