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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 4.95
“Direct and clear about options for my knees. I felt very comfortable with his explanation of my situation and his plan for my care. I look forward to my next visit.”
– Henry H.
“Dr. MacLennan allowed me the experience to meet with him within two days of first calling and at the end of that day so he could have sufficient time to view my MRI images and discuss doing a 3 level lumbar fusion. Unfortunately, the news was that my bone density was too low to have the surgery with success which broke my wife’s and my heart that day but at least now I know that if I had chosen another surgeon my life would be even worse than it is now. I plan on making the next move by his suggestion to see another specialist for pain management. My years as a professional motorcycle racer has taken its toll, but I trust his words and accept the outcome of his findings to be accurate and straightforward”
– Randall P.
“Very professional, expedited the visit, all aspects from check in to check out was a pleasant experience!”
– Tracey B.
“He took the time to answer my questions with patience and took the time to explain the problem in easy to understand terms. The entire staff was friendly and caring.”
– Ileen T.
“The doctor was very thorough and reassuring. Offered to have me come back - gave me the option - if I felt better I could cancel my next appointment. Thank you.”
– Margaret C.
“Great doctor. Great chairside. Great experience.”
– Nicholas Y.
“Dr. Dennison explained procedures every step of the way allowing me to make decisions of when to replace my knees. When was I committed to doing the recovery work? I am pain-free after eight months but continue to work out. He seemed to have new procedures that worked for me.”
– Jo M.
“Dr. Dennison was very nice and professional. I have had good results.”
– Patsy K.
“All appointments were prompt and informative. Dr. Dennison was very polite, professional and was thorough in his explanation of the knee replacement. My surgery went well and was a success.”
– Donald S.
“I met Dr. Dennison for knee issues. He thoroughly explained my condition and options to treat. Any question I had he seriously answered and the more questions I asked the more I felt confident he was the one to operate when I was ready. I appreciate his efficiency and skills along with the office staff to provide a smooth preparation and subsequent successful outcome. I love Mercy Hospital as a 1972 nursing grad and it gives me great pride that the standard of excellence continues there!”
– Sally K.