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Average Rating: 4.95
“Great. Dr. Durkee ACTUALLY LISTENED to ME! Bedside manner was a little stiff, but he was a professional at all times.”
– Rhonda M.
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“He was courteous, thorough, and knowledgeable.”
– Betty M.
“Dr. Dery had been a godsend to me. He has been instrumental in decreasing the on-going back pain that I have experienced for may years. He is always very informative and listens very carefully to my queries before deciding how to best proceed with treatment. I would recommend him to anyone suffering from lower back pain.”
– Robert N.
“Dr. Langland was great. He made it very clear what I had to do to be successful in my recovery from surgery.”
– Jordan B.
“Dr. Mysnyk has been very attentive during the medical care given prior, during, and after my knee replacement surgery. He always took time to answer questions and made every effort to explain the procedures involved. The follow-up care has been regular and thorough. Two weeks after my surgery, I sustained extreme pain with periodic muscle spasms in my knee. He prescribed medication right away and made an appointment to see me two days later. He is very cautious with all the possible complications and side effects of this surgery. I feel very comfortable as a patient under his care.”
– Brinda C.
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“I appreciated Dr. Bussewitz's willingness to listen to my questions and concerns as well as discussing options to consider. He listens and doesn't talk down to me as a senior citizen and I feel very comfortable with his treatment and diagnosis.”
– Richard J.
“Felt very well informed by Dr. Mysnyk. Everything about our situation went just as he had said it would. I have and will continue to recommend him to friends if ever they are in need of a good orthopedic doctor.”
– Benjamin R.
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“Dr. Whited is absolutely wonderful!! My experiences have been very informative and educating. He explains everything on your level so you exactly know what is going on. He is very patient, kind, and caring as well. He makes you fill at ease as well. I had to have a total knee replacement on my right knee. And I am doing wonderful. Thank you Dr. Whited!!”
– Debra W.
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“Asked the right questions about my foot issue. It was a good appointment. Took the conservative approach, I appreciate that.”
– Sarah T.
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“Knee replacement was preformed very well, great bedside manner,very professional! I really like Dr Mysnyk!”
– Phillip L.
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