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Average Rating: 4.95
“I had 3 different surgeries from Dr Durkee and he was a wonderful surgeon. I love the care I received and would never think of going elsewhere. I think this clinic is a caring and will work with you. I'm sorry my doctor retired but will go back there is I ever need anything else.”
– Betty C.
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“Very Professional. Actually made the appointment kind of fun.”
– John C.
“I was very happy with my experience with Dr. Busselwitz. He told me more about my foot problem in 5 minutes than my previous foot doctor told me in 8 appointments.”
– Joyce H.
“I am very happy. It has been nearly three years since my surgery and I have not had any pain issues since then.”
– James H.
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“Dr. Langland took the time to explain my procedure prior to surgery. At my follow up appointment he was up front as to what I should expect in the coming years. I am pleased with the quality of care I received. I hope Dr Langland is still around when it's time to replace my knee.”
– Jan G.
“Dr. Jones was informative, reassuring, professional and caring. He provided information in an easily understood manner. He was kind and established with certainty that he cared about you as an individual. Fortunately my orthopedic issue was not one that required further follow-up but he ordered the correct tests necessary to ascertain this fact. I would highly recommend Jones, Daniel M.D. if an Orthopedic consult is needed.”
– Robert W.
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“Hes thorough, kind and knows his stuff. The work he did for both of us was superior and we/ve both had great results. We gladly recommend him to our friends.”
– Dale E.
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“I found any procedure I had done to be most helpful. My level of pain has diminished greatly which allows me to lead a more normal life. I still have problems sitting in a straight chair for very long and walking for very long, but to be able to lie down and rest comfortably is wonderful. Dr. Dery was very good at explaining how any procedure would be done and told me during each step of the procedure what he was about to do. This is the longest I've gone between injections.”
– Nancy S.
“Dr. Whited is a very caring doctor and explained all our questions very thoroughly.”
– Dennis A.
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“Dr. Steinbronn is great. He answers all my questions so I can understand and explains everything clearly.”
– Judy B.