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Average Rating: 4.95
“Very thorough and complete in assessing, diagnosing, explaining and treating my situation.”
– H C.
“I was evaluated and treated by Dan Coons, PA. The care was absolutely excellent! I was able to make an appointment the same day I called, was seen quickly and Dan quickly diagnosed my lower back issue. I had an MRI the next day which confirmed the diagnosis. I truly appreciate the speed with which I was seen, the professionalism and excellent bedside manner from Dan, and highly recommend Dan and Steindler Orthopedics!”
– Claire H.
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“He tried other alternatives prior to surgery, was very thorough in treatments and in explaining procedures or alternative treatments, if any. He is very knowledgeable, attentive, and understanding and has great bedside manners. I would definitely ask for him for any future needs I have and highly recommend his expertise to anyone who has need or asks my opinion.”
– Joan W.
“Pleasant and kind.”
– Carol C.
– Henry S.
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“Listened to my issues and expectations then looked at several options to resolve the issues.”
– Brenda H.
“I found any procedure I had done to be most helpful. My level of pain has diminished greatly which allows me to lead a more normal life. I still have problems sitting in a straight chair for very long and walking for very long, but to be able to lie down and rest comfortably is wonderful. Dr. Dery was very good at explaining how any procedure would be done and told me during each step of the procedure what he was about to do. This is the longest I've gone between injections.”
– Nancy S.
“I had an evaluation from an orthopedic surgeon in Florida. I went to Dr. Maclennan for a second opinion. He told me the same thing the Florida doctor had told me - that I needed surgery to alleviate the pain and numbness in my legs. If I had to have surgery, I wanted it done in Iowa and at the Steindler Clinic. I had full confidence in Dr. Maclennan from the first visit and that has not changed. He is a fine competent doctor and surgeon and a nice person to be around. My husband and I both feel very comfortable with him. He explained everything before surgery, after surgery and at the follow-up visits. He is just a top-notch doctor.”
– Barbara M.
“Excellent doctor! Provided me with everything I needed to make a good decision on my treatment. Spend time with me and didn't make me feel rushed. Very thorough. I highly recommend Dr. Bellinger!!”
– Becca J.
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“Dr. Steinbronn provided me with a very positive experience for my total hip replacement--So very grateful for his knowledge and skill.”
– Mary M.