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Average Rating: 4.95
“Dr. Chester Pelsang, DPM, who we have been a patient of for several years, has always been very professional and very good at his podiatrist profession. We have been very satisfied with our past experience with Dr. Pelsang, and are very happy he has moved to the U of I RIVER LANDING building. We would recommend him highly to any one seeking a podiatrist.”
– Carolyn T.
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“I was very afraid of the total knee replacement surgery. Now that I am four months past I am THRILLED With the results. Dr. Whited was fantastic. He was careful to explain what to expect and always answered my questions in a way thay I understood. My physical therapist says Dr. Whited gave me a really great knee and I agree. It's four months after my total knee and I am on the beach and back on my boogie board. Thank you Dr. Whited!”
– Cathy D.
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“Dr. Scott did a great job on my knee replacement. He explained everything well and checked in after surgery several times and answered questions that we had.”
– David M.
“Professional, prompt, pleasant; explains what is going on before doing it, listens to any questions I may have. Highly recommended by me!!!”
– Janie D.
“Dr. Overton is a very competent and compassionate person. I feel very fortunate to be in his care. He takes time to answer your questions and he does it so you can understand what he is saying. That is extremely helpful.”
– Marie F.
“Dr. Christiansen replaced my hip. I found him to be competent, clear, informative, pleasant, personable, and willing and able to explain details. It can be hard for people to give in to such a major surgery, as it was for me; Dr. Christiansen was very very good at taking me through the decision process, with clear answers and explanations of need and procedures, talking me through the x-rays so it was crystal clear in x-ray black-and-white exactly why replacement was called for. Surgery was straightforward, very successful, not painful, and I was given plenty of instruction ahead to know how to negotiate the details of life post-surgery and beyond, what to expect physically, why, and what to do about it. I very much appreciate his conservative approach to recovery, including encouragement to walk and be active (I did). From the start, he inspired total confidence. Life is great now: I walk, bike, swim, take yoga classes (with care), active at will. I could not be happier. I am very grateful to Dr. Christiansen. A tremendous asset to Steindler Clinic.”
– Catherine B.
“As ales I was seen promptly. Everyone was very nice and attentive. I always enjoy coming to your clinic.”
– Frank W.
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“From start to finish, Dr. Christiansen was professional, courteous, and truly interested in my welfare of evaluation, pre/post surgical rotator cuff repair, healing, and restoration of motion. He explained things in terms I could understand, took time to answer my questions and reassure me, and never gave me sense that he needed to rush onto another patient.”
– David B.
“Absolutely PERFECT!”
– John R.
“My experience was excellent but it was last July so I cant remember for sure who treated me.”
– Tom K.