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Average Rating: 4.95
“I have seen Dr. Steinbronn at least four times, all except the first (kind of an emergency) at Jefferson County Health Center. In every case, he has been courteous, professional, thorough, and extremely helpful. He answers questions directly and gives clear advice, and has a very warm and caring manner. I have every confidence in him, and will continue to see him as needed for my arthritic knees or any other orthopedic issue that arises.”
– Patricia F.
“Very polite, concerned and knowledgeable.”
– John L.
“I was extremely happy with the care I received. I felt it was tailored to meet my individual needs. Dr. Whited is amazing!”
– Mary G.
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“The doctor explained my condition clearly and recommended a course of action that worked very well.”
– Marvin S.
“Dr. Whited has always been very helpful with any questions I have had both before and after my knee replacement.”
– Steven P.
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“We have both seen Dr. Overton in the past few months. He is always friendly, knowledgeable, and explains things so that we are able to understand the situation. His follow-through directions are always good. He is one of the best doctors we have ever dealt with. We feel fortunate to have him.”
– Stan S.
“It started with an accurate diagnosis two years prior to the surgery. I understood from the doctor's diagnosis that I would not further injury the ball joint but would not get any pain relief until the ball and socket were replaced. He was correct and the pain was gone as soon as the pain from the surgery left. The pain was gone on the second day of recovery at home. No pain medications were needed during recovery at home. Dr. Christianson's bed side manner was always kind and encouraging.”
– Ken F.
“Listens to what you have to say. Very Polite, considerate, and concerned about your well being. Very good bed side manner. Recommend Dr Overton to every one that has a problem. He tolerates my outspoken concerns, and even makes me laugh.”
– Cindy G.
“Professional and friendly”
– Michael W.
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“Dr. Overton was kind, thorough, and professional. Because he saw that I was in pain, he scheduled an extra surgery time and came in very early to attend to my problem which was, at that point, unknown. The surgery was a success and I was free from pain almost immediately. I have had no problems with my knee since then. I am truly grateful for his kindness and great skill. I would highly recommend Dr. Overton and the Steindler Clinic to anyone with orthopedic needs.”
– Roberta S.