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Average Rating: 4.95
“Very professional and caring, always take time for your questions and ensure you understand the answer. I would recommend Dr Mysnyk to all my friends and colleagues”
– Ricky D.
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“Positive experience from beginning to end. Planning on having Dr. Whited do my other hip surgery when it becomes necessary. I've shared my experience with many others with high recommendations.”
– Georgeann E.
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“Nurse had prepared me for my cortisone shots and had the syringes ready to be used. Thereupon Dr. Steinbronn entered the room promptly and administered the shots to my shoulders. Very efficiently done. Brief and to the point.”
– James D.
“The RFA procedure was awful; there is no other word for it. But Dr. Dery was very good. He provided lots of information before the procedure and he and his team gave wonderful support during the procedure. I doubt that I would have been able to complete the procedure without that support. It is a tricky procedure, and although I have not noticed any improvement in my pain level, I also have have not had any additional negative effects, which is a testament to Dr. Dery's skill.”
– Carolyn G.
“He was great. Very friendly, explained everything so I understood it, and explained what he was going to do before he did it. I was very pleased.”
– Ann G.
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“My experience with Dr Scott was nothing but true professionalism. He is a Great Doctor and can only sing is praises. I waited for Dr Scott to return from his time off, and the wait was worth while. I will continue to recommend Dr Scott to anyone who ask who my surgeon was!”
– Wesley B.
“Had physical therapy on my right hand with Lauri Stonewall. She was always very pleasant and helpful with my therapy. She went through the exercises with me, making sure I understood what I was to be doing.”
– Kathryn S.
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“I best thing about Dr. Whited is that he LISTENED to me and considered other health concerns and problems I had. He was always polite. I am glad he was my surgeon.”
– Tamara V.
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“if I have to be injured than I can't be in better hands than Dr. Bussewitz! He had to help me get back on my feet and i can't say enough about Dr. Bussewitz and his staff.”
– Rebecca C.
“Dr. Jones is professional and a really great doctor. He not only helped me but helped my dad. We can't say enough good things about him! couldn't have asked for better!”
– Beth K.
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