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Average Rating: 4.95
“I hadn't been to Steindler foir several years, and I was very pleased to see all the steps Steindler has taken to make visits more efficient. Having the check-in staff take down information about meds saves the nurses from having to take time to do that. I saw a nurse, had xrays, saw Dr. Steinbronn and had an MRI, almost all without waiting in between each step.”
– Michael H.
“Outstanding. Outstanding knowledge. Great interpersonal skills. The best.”
– Leo V.
“Dr. Jones was attentive to my issue and presented me with all the options for treatment. He was very gentle when treating my knee with a cortisone injection. I plan to see him again and would recommend him to others.”
– Carol E.
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“I had both my knees replaced June 2014 and September 2014 at Mercy Hospital. Dr. Whited is a class act along with his nurse who works with him at Steindler clinic. I have recommended him to many people for their Ortho needs. Having both knees done has.changed my life so much.”
– Mary R.
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“Did what had to be done and did a perfect job.”
– John W.
“My wife and I were very pleased with the care that was given me!”
– Dwaine T.
“Dr.Maurus was kind and patient with my questions and adressed any concerns that I had about the upcoming surgery I am going to have.”
– Bridget B.
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“Dr. Christiansen is a positive person and very professional. He is always polite, informative, and reassuring. His nursing staff and he, himself, is very prompt with visits and calls returned. His followup after surgery and the months after surgery were efficient and also made me feel like they were making absolutely sure my healing process was progressing and I could trust them to keep up on my completed surgery. They all made me feel confident that they were proficient and would perform their tasks in a manner that was trustworthy.”
– Janet W.
“Extremely knowledgeable and very caring.”
– Deb S.
“Dr. Maurus is the most joyous surgeon. I could not imagine a better surgeon with more surgeon-ly finesse. My fused toe has taken me from hobbling to real life again. He gave clear explanations of options, all the whys and all the ramifications. Great preparation, boot, knee walker, everything. Great surgery, textbook recovery. I have friends helped by Dr. Maurus, and we all agree on what a gifted and wonderful doctor he is.”
– Catherine B.
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