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Average Rating: 4.95
“I think what I missed saying in my earlier Provider Experience note on Dr. Christiansen about his competence, thoroughness and kindness, is that he allowed me to be, made me, part of the health equation. It wasn't all about him and the surgery being done to me, it was about restoring me to a normal life. His approach takes a person from terrifying no control in that major surgery situation, to cooperation, and especially responsibility, meaning total control, in decisions before and after. It's a tremendous medical skill. I applaud Dr. Christiansen.”
– Catherine B.
“Dr. Whited was wonderful. I saw him several times for office visits before I had my hip replacement. At no time did he tell me what to do or when to have the surgery. I, not he, made the decision when it was time. He explained my upcoming surgery in detail and answered all of my and my husband's questions at my pre-surgery appointment. In the hospital he was calming, caring, and down-to-earth. He stopped to see me twice a day - something I know not all doctors do now.”
– Anne S.
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“On time. Takes time to listen. Offers options. Appears to care about us as people. Doesn't talk down to us because we are senior citizens.”
– Nancy J.
“Very prompt and complete”
– Russell H.
“Dr. Christiansen is knowledgeable. articulate, and appreciative of my concerns and goals for dealing shoulder pain/ restriction I was having. The clinic as a whole was very efficient and respectful of my time. While most appointments would take 1 - 1 1/2 hours this included check in, x-rays & consultation / treatment and check out from the entire staff. Dr. Christiansen listened, enterpreted all the information available about my situation and advised me on how to proceed with my recovery taking into consideration my goals and the best medical cautions to proceed with.”
– Mark C.
“Dr. Overton has been very good throughout the pre-op and surgery with communication and follow-up. We really appreciate all his concern. Will be glad to get ted hose off and have. They keep pinching.”
– Karen A.
“Excellent care Promptness of the visit”
– Joan L.
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“I have seen Dr. Steinbronn at least four times, all except the first (kind of an emergency) at Jefferson County Health Center. In every case, he has been courteous, professional, thorough, and extremely helpful. He answers questions directly and gives clear advice, and has a very warm and caring manner. I have every confidence in him, and will continue to see him as needed for my arthritic knees or any other orthopedic issue that arises.”
– Patricia F.
“Very polite, concerned and knowledgeable.”
– John L.
“I was extremely happy with the care I received. I felt it was tailored to meet my individual needs. Dr. Whited is amazing!”
– Mary G.
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