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Average Rating: 4.95
“Ms Barbara contacted me for my appointment. She was able to get me on the cancellation schedule. On the morning I was supposed to go, I came down with the flu. I didn't feel like driving for two hours and possibly infecting the entire clinic. Ms Barbara was able to get me rescheduled. I haven't got to meet her but if she is a representation of the rest of the staff, then I am very happy that I am going to be working with the staff. Thank you.”
– Beverly S.
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“Wonderful surgeon and person!!! I had second hip surgery 2 years ago now and he let me go to rehab and I drove home to Burlington in 13 days! Great experience! Thanks Dr. Scott!”
– Ann H.
“Informative, listened, kind”
– Kathy H.
“He was great, I have recommened him to others”
– Dennis B.
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“Dr. Mysnyk is is not only a great physician, but a wonderful person. He listens to you and investigates an issue. I highly recommend him to friends and people I meet. He replaced my knees in 2009 and they are better than my original ones. Steindler is very fortunate to have him.”
– Pamela H.
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“I felt Dr. Scott had my best interests at heart, was very competent, and I appreciated the he was so candid in what was happening and what I could expect.”
– Sharon S.
“He was great, gave me good advice and the surgery worked out perfectly. I have full use of my arm. (rotator cuff surgery)”
– Doug K.
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“Dr. Whited treated me like I was the only patient on his mind, even though he was obviously managing many. I appreciate his surgical skill, his professional approach, and his kindness. I came to him after months of dealing with an injury with another facility and he immediately gained my confidence and put me at ease. His assistant, Kimberly, is amazing. She helped me with paperwork, prescription refills, and all sorts of questions I had. She is also very kind, and always makes me feel like my needs are important. They are a great team!”
– Jackie J.
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“Excellent skill as a surgeon with an equally excellent ability to communicate with the patient in explaining the medical situation and relating the prognosis.”
– Steven R.
“Excellent, and a great sense of humor!!”
– Virginia R.
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