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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 4.95
– Joe S.
“Knowledgable staff. Overall pleased with the services provided.”
– Carolyn K.
“At Steindlers orthopedic you get the most loving caring physicians and staff! They are ALL so kind and take their careers seriously. Dr. Ebinger is a very nice respectful caring dr. He listens to you and talks to you in the term you’ll understand unlike some doctors they talk to you in medical terminology and I sit there and look like a deer in headlights lol. I highly recommend Steindler Clinic to everyone!! Thank you Steindler clinic and staff!!”
– Robin M.
“Dr. Dennison was friendly and made me feel comfortable as I described my hip problems. He listened attentively as I described my symptoms and answered all my questions. He checked my range of motion in both hips and the level of discomfort. He explained to me that it was bone on bone in my left hip and that I would be a good candidate for total hip replacement using the anterior approach. He inspired in me complete confidence that he knew what he was doing. On the day of surgery, Dr. Dennison came in for a pre-op visit and again made me feel that I was in good hands. The surgery went well, with no complications. My recovery also has gone well. After the painkillers he injected in my hip before closure, I have only used a limited amount of Tylenol to control minor pain. I appreciate the detailed account of my surgery that was put in my patient portal by Dr. Dennison. I looked up the specific materials that were used for my hip replacement on the internet. It appears that the best possible parts were used for my new hip. Thank you so much, Dr. Dennison, and all your supporting staff as well.”
– Philip O.
“Dr. Dennison was very helpful and informative when I needed to decide to have a total knee replacement. I am delighted with my new knee, and I plan on getting my other knee also done in the future. Great experience and a great doctor!”
– Susan H.
“He listened to my history and my account of symptoms. My MRI was ordered right away.”
– Sandra M.
“Very positive.”
– Kay M.
“The best medical staff I have ever encountered.”
– Paul B.
“Dr. Overton saw me at a clinic, in tears, and unable to walk on a Friday. He came and did my back surgery after working in a clinic the next Monday. I walked out of the hospital that evening. He is kind and compassionate. He did an excellent job. It was as fast as I could have the surgery done. I am so thankful to everyone who took such great care of me. I hope never to need back surgery again, but if I did, I would come back in a heartbeat.”
– Amanda C.
“After being seen at a different emergency room for not being able to walk, Dr. Dery took one look at me and was concerned. He is incredible. Not only did he make me seriously he lined me up with a surgeon. I can now walk again. I did not anticipate needing back surgery at 37, but I am sure glad to be fixed. I will forever be grateful and continue to recommend him to everyone.”
– Amanda C.