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Average Rating: 4.95
“Answered all my questions and put me at ease.”
– Marla W.
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“Very professional, yet personal.”
– Laura G.
“Dr. Mysnyk has been my doctor for 26 years, and I trust him completely. He replaced my knee in July, and I am doing excellent. The PT tells me I may have met all the requirements. I’m fairly close now, with minimal pain. He not only does a great job with surgery, but he’s also a man of integrity with time and care for his patient. I don’t think you can go wrong in choosing his for your doctor.”
– Brenda C.
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“He was friendly and professional. I feel he wants to help me.”
– Cynthia D.
“Dr. Steinbronn was very thorough and explained precisely what he would be doing and told me what to expect before and after surgery. I felt very comfortable with him, and he answered all my questions.”
– Janet A.
“Dr. Whited is charming, knowledgeable, and answered all questions thoroughly. He saw me promptly, was not rushed. His assistant was very kind and helpful as well.”
– Joyce O.
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“Dr. Dery is very good at taking time with his patients and very good at explaining what your situation is and what can be done to help you feel better. He is also very precise and good at giving shots in your back that will help your situation. He explains what will happen during these shots, so you know what to expect.”
– Tommie B.
“The best! Everyone is friendly and efficient. Appointment times are actually observed. Wish more places recognized an appointment time as "I'll be there and you'll be there at the same time." Dr. Whited was wonderful. He gave me hope and caution. When I learned from him that I would not have to undergo another surgery I was ecstatic. When I learned from him that I would have to be very, very careful I was on guard. He provided me with roots and wings. I am extremely grateful for his wise counsel.”
– Anne H.
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“Dr. Bellinger was very helpful and had good advice.”
– Hellen C.
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“I had cortisone steroid shots in both shoulders. They were both done in May. The inflammation relief was beautiful, but the inflammation started to return slowly after about a month or month and a half. It is not as bad as it was previously, but I imagine it will be in another month or so. Is another shot for both shoulders recommended? I understand the three shots are the maximum. Is that within a year? I'll be 77 on August 22nd making the window for shoulder repair closing @ 80 years of age. Naturally, I do not want surgery; due to the recovery time and required lengthy period. Running an alpaca ranch would make this action difficult, due to the needed physical activity. I want to explore additional shots; hoping they would "kick in" for long-term relief, but realize that surgery may be inevitable. I would need to arrange a long-term plan to accomplish an acceptable solution. I look forward to Dr. Dery's response to my situation.”
– Brian P.