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Average Rating: 4.95
“Dr. Ebinger is very kind and informed me of my condition and options. We proceeded with my choice and things are feeling better. He is a very pleasant fellow.”
– Leann B.
“Excellent care, listened to my issues and explained things well. I am very pleased with the surgical result. Dr. MacLennan took time with me at appointments to answer all my questions.”
– Scott C.
“He was friendly, competent and felt like he could empathize with what I was experiencing.”
– Kristi M.
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“He explained everything and answered my questions. He also gave me instructions for at home.”
– Stephanie D.
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“Very prompt, courteous, respectful. I felt they have great training and very knowledgeable in their medical specialties. Its great location, very close parking, when you enter the Clinic everything you need is within 20 feet. Made a painful visit, more pleasant.”
– Emma F.
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“Dr. MacLennan was very informative on questions I had about my surgery and present pain I am having. I have always been satisfied with him and would recommend him to anyone. Steindler Clinic also has treated me very well, and again, I would recommend them to anyone who has an orthopedic need.”
– Jerry I.
“It was wonderful to have an MRI the same day as my doctor appt.”
– Carolyn B.
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“Dr. Bellinger was awesome!! She really took time to explain the procedure and listen to my symptoms and concerns. She explained everything well. The nurses and secretary staff were excellent and the place runs like a well oiled machine.”
– Justin H.
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“Dr. Overton and his staff are the best. They were very accommodating. The X-ray techs were also great.”
– Sandy F.
“I’m very happy and have recommended the clinic to everyone I know or talk with.”
– Elizabeth S.