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Average Rating: 4.95
“Dr. Jones is a wonderful doctor that explains everything well. He is a caring and compassionate doctor that gives detailed answers to my concerns and questions.”
– Jo S.
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“Dr. Bellinger listened to my concerns, explained what things could cause my concerns. Dr. Bellinger offered a couple options for treatments and able to get treatment the next day.”
– Chad L.
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“Very kind, caring, informative and genuinely concerned for my health - all in all a super fantastical young doctor!!”
– Mark R.
“I don't try to break my hand but when I do, I go to Steindler Orthopedics.”
– Matt K.
“Nice friendly people. Great in and out MRI. The gentleman running it was very nice.”
– Lance Z.
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“I was very pleased with Dr. Wills . He explained the procedure to me in an easy to understand manner. HIs work manner is very professional.”
– Ron M.
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“I saw Quinn Kurtz for a knee injection. I've seen him previously for the same care. He is patient, informative, kind, and really good with those injections! I have and will continue to wait for injections until I can get on his schedule. I have referred three friends to him for knee injections. He gets a 10 out of 10 (5 just isn't high enough).”
– Kathy S.
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“Information concerning the surgery was provided completely and clearly. All questions and concerns were addressed before the knee replacements. Recovery seems to be going as expected. Very happy with outcome of surgery so far.”
– Sharon P.
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“can not remember what doctor i saw, but they were very friendly and helpful. would recommend Steindler to everyone”
– Keith D.
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“Dr.Mysnek took the time to clearly explain each diagnosis and options for care. He patiently answered all of my questions. The bilateral shoulder surgeries were a success and my quality of life has improved because of this.”
– Jc C.
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