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Average Rating: 4.95
“Dr. Wills was really good with my son's broken arm. My son felt very comfortable talking to him and he also made it so my son could understand what he was talking about. Not all medical talk!”
– Morgan R.
“I was very pleased with my experience. Great job Thanks”
– Tom P.
“I cannot say enough about how well things have gone for me since I went to Steindler Orthopedic and saw Dr. Langland. I took a bad fall at work and had a lot of shoulder and neck pain. After months of being led to believe I needed surgery by another clinic, I took some good advice and got into Steindler. In very short order, I was registered, X-rayed, and having my MRI reviewed by Dr. Langland who assured me surgery was not at all necessary, and immediately got me started on physical therapy. It's now just six weeks later and I'm feeling great. To say I'm impressed with how Steindler treats their patients is a huge understatement, and I'm letting a lot of people know who they should go to first if they need an orthopedic doctor.”
– Kurt F.
“Very kind. Very thorough. Very supportive.”
– Jeryl M.
“After having my shoulder fractured when out of the country, I was happy to have been cared for the day after I returned home. I was given good instructions on coping with the fracture, and was outfitted with an immobilizer. My ongoing checkups and X-rays were helpful and demonstrated my progress.”
– Gaye D.
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“I am a 72-year-old woman with osteoarthritis. Several years ago, I was having severe pain in my hip that neither chiropractic nor physical therapy could fix. So my primary doctor referred me to rheumatologist Dr. Bogdan Cherascu. Dr. Cherasku correctly diagnosed that I had bursitis and tendonitis as a result of my osteoarthritis. He gave me a shot and the pain never returned. His common-sense approach helps me tremendously. He's a minimalist on prescription drugs. The only one I've needed so far is diclofenac, in both pill and topical form, which eases the pain I have occasionally in my back, hips, fingers and knees. He recommends over-the-counter Acetaminophen along with that, and fish oil and glucosamine supplements. But most of all, he recommends exercise and an occasional trip to a physical therapist for a really bad flare-up. I usually see Dr Cherascu twice a year. I've been feeling much, much better ever since my first visit!”
– Nancy S.
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“5 My experience was great.”
– Debra W.
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“My appointment with Dr. Christiansen went great. He listened very intently as I described my symptoms. Then throughly explained his diagnosis and what my options were. He made sure to answer any and all questions I had. Then got me set up for the necessary procedure immediately. I have told many others of my positive experience with him and highly recommended him to several people with similar issues. Thank you so much for your care and concern.”
– Stanley S.
“Having never been to your clinic before, I was extremely impressed with the efficiency of the whole process. The doctor was personable and answered all my questions. If my knee flares up again, I won't hesitate to return.”
– Mike A.
“Dr Overton took the time to explain my condition, cover treatment options, and answer my questions. He is very easy to talk with. Part of my treatment includes injections. Dr. Overton did a wonderful job of numbing the areas first. Using a fine needle meant I mostly felt pressure, almost no pain. What discomfort I felt was easily tolerated. Twice it was more painful and very very short lived. Pain stopped about as fast I responded to it. Dr Overton was very compassionate and careful in his treatment. Dr. Overton treated my husband for a bone spur in the elbow several years ago. Our experience with him then is the primary reason I chose to seek his help with my knee issues. So far I am very pleased with my treatment and feel confident this doctor is the correct choice for my future treatment and surgery.”
– M. J.