Dr. Arthur Steindler Story

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Dr. Arthur Steindler, the world renowned orthopedic surgeon, retired from the faculty of The University of Iowa in 1949. Serving with great distinction as the head of the Department of Orthopedics for over 30 years, he was known as one of the world's greatest orthopedic surgeons. An exceptional teacher, a prolific writer, and a superb diagnostician, Dr. Steindler was the recipient of the highest honors and degrees in his profession.

Dr. Steindler left The University of Iowa in 1949. The Sisters of Mercy then offered him private office facilities in their hospital. He had been on the Mercy Hospital Staff for many years and had always treated his private surgical and nonsurgical patients there.

When Dr. Steindler moved his private practice to Mercy Hospital, he was accompanied by Dr. Webster Gelman, his private service resident.

Dr. Steindler and Dr. Gelman established the Steindler Orthopedic Clinic in January 1950. Their offices were located on the second floor of the old and original section of Mercy Hospital, adjacent to the new 1950 wing, where they had a twenty-bed orthopedic ward at their disposal.

Sister Mary Rita, the outstanding director, and the other Sisters of Mercy were extremely helpful and considerate during this transition period.

The practice flourished, and in 1958, Dr. Gerald Howe, after finishing his training at The University of Iowa, joined the clinic. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Steindler became ill and died in 1958. The clinic remained at Mercy Hospital until July, 1960, when it moved to larger facilities in the first building at Towncrest Medical Center.

- Dr. Webster Gelman