John Stonebarger Found Passion for Cycling

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Dr. John Stonebarger participates in cycling events.

John Stonebarger has been an important part of the Steindler Orthopedic team for the past six years as a casting technician. His passion for the care and treatment of our patients makes him invaluable to our clinic and we are fortunate to have him.

Outside of work, John enjoys the competitive cycling world – participating in races in Iowa and around the country, most recently in this year’s Jingle Cross a few weeks ago. His enthusiasm for the unique sport is contagious and we are delighted to support him in his cycling adventures.

In John’s words:
“My favorite bike race, the one that has set the tone for my racing in Iowa, is Jingle Cross. Watching that race here at the Johnson County Fairground back in 2010 convinced me to take a serious crack at cyclocross – the cold, sloppy, fun fall and winter sport that resembles steeplechase on a bike. It’s been my favorite sport ever since.

I took up cycling as an adult trying to get into shape. At 32, I was sedentary, overweight, and trying to kick a longtime cigarette habit. Biking helped with all that and reminded me of a competitive streak I hadn’t indulged in since I was a kid. Best of all cycling really made me feel like a kid: even as an adult, nothing felt more liberating than throwing a leg over a bike.

I started racing road bikes in Boston, and raced throughout New England for almost fifteen years. My races ranged from 3 miles to 91 – 7 minutes to four hours – as many as 4 a weekend, sometimes totaling 50 a year. When I moved home to Iowa City I wondered if I would have fewer chances to race, but that hasn’t been a problem at all: with Snake Alley, Clear Lake, and even Iowa City’s own Old Capital Criterium, Iowa offers up some iconic road bike racing.

This year Christmas came early for cycling fans in Iowa. One of three days of Jingle Cross was made a World Cup race – only the second ever outside of Europe – and we were treated to a great show with the best women and men in the world competing on the toughest course in North America. Amateurs like me still got to compete the day before and the day after, and that last day we raced on the same course the professionals had used the day before. Just to be sure it was a memorable weekend, Iowa served up several inches of rain in the days before to make it a muddy mess for everyone. Now that is a great race.”

Photo Credit: David Mable