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When to Call a Foot and Ankle Specialist

If you’ve experienced a foot or ankle injury, an important part of a proper treatment and recovery is knowing when it’s time to see a specialist. Take the guesswork out of knowing when an injury warrants an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist by reviewing a list of important symptoms.

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Shoe Detective: Decoding the Wear on Your Shoes


In the market for new shoes? Don’t toss the old ones out just yet! Instead, become a shoe detective. Learn how to decode the unique wear patterns on your old shoes so you can upgrade to a pair that provides a better fit, more comfort, and improved support.

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Retirement Dr. Michael M. Durkee

For the Perfect Fit, Ace the Lace

Most of us learn our shoe lacing technique as young children and never give it a second thought. But if you suffer from foot pain or have a foot-related injury, it might be time to take a fresh look at how you lace up. Explore different shoe lacing methods for a more comfortable and healthy fit.

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Ankle Arthritis: Care and Treatment Options


Arthritis may seem like an inevitable part of getting older, but suffering from it doesn’t have to be. Learn more about the types of arthritis, treatment options for ankle arthritis, and ways to take charge of your joint health as you age.

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2015 Holiday Hours

Did You Know?

Steindler’s Foot & Ankle Center of Excellence isn’t only for Iowa City residents. As part of our commitment to service that’s “a step above” the rest, we offer easy and convenient access to those in Muscatine and Fairfield too!

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