Tips for Happy and Healthy Feet This Holiday

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Each season presents unique challenges to foot health and winter is no different. From freezing temperatures to dampness and the drying effects of constant artificial heat, our feet have a lot to contend with. But with an eye toward spring, let’s explore how to keep our feet healthy and looking good this time of year:
Boot Up. Proper attire is the essential starting point for good foot health. Invest in a quality pair of waterproof boots and warm socks to keep your feet toasty and dry. Persistently damp or sweaty feet can promote bacterial infections.
Size It Right. With the high price of footwear these days, it’s tempting to buy shoes for growing kids in slightly larger sizes. But unlike other clothing items that kids can grow into with no ill effects, shoes, ski boots, and skates that are don’t fit properly can lead to chaffing, blisters, or arch and ankle injuries.
Indulge In a Little Spa Therapy. Cold weather is the perfect excuse to pamper your feet. Use foot powder inside socks to combat dampness and add regular foot baths to your foot care routine. After a thorough soak and cleaning, gentle exfoliation, and light moisturizing, your feet will be much better winter warriors!
Consult a Professional. Foot pain that doesn’t go away can be a sign of illness, infection, or serious injury. If you have chronic foot pain, consult one of Steindler Orthopedic Clinic’s foot specialists.
Our feet support everything we do—literally. This winter, make sure you’re not slipping and sliding along in summer shoes. Gear up for the inevitable snow and ice with appropriate footwear that will keep your feet healthy and the rest of your body safe. And remember, sandal season is just a few months away!