What Is Workers’ Compensation?

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Workers’ Compensation can be a confusing topic, especially for those who’ve never needed to access benefits. But knowing basic coverage rights and care options is an important part of understanding workplace health and safety.

Broadly defined, Worker’s Compensation law requires most employers to provide wage loss and medical benefits to eligible employees who sustain injuries at work or in the performance of work-related duties.

Though how benefits are administered varies by state, in Iowa the employer directs health care. This means that employers have the right to choose medical care that’s deemed appropriate to treat an employee’s injury or condition. But it’s important to note that employees have rights in the delivery of their health care too. Workers can request a preferred medical provider, seek a second opinion, or file a petition for alternate care if they’re dissatisfied.

If disputes over care arise, most can be resolved through open and direct communication between employee, employer, and the insurance provider. More complex issues are typically brought before a Workers’ Compensation Administrator, via the Iowa Worker’s Compensation Commissioner’s Office for mediation and resolution.

For employees injured on the job, knowing your coverage benefits and rights, communicating early, and taking an active role in treatment are crucial steps in recovery. At Steindler Orthopedic Clinic, we understand that work-related injuries can be particularly stressful. We work on behalf of both employers and employees to coordinate the highest quality and most efficient care possible—team-based care that’s designed to restore good health and full productivity.

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